TechLaw Group, Inc. was formed in 1986 by five large U.S. law firms. Their mission was unique to the rapidly evolving practice of technology law: share best practices, provide a mechanism for referrals when it was mutually advantageous to do so, and build membership carefully so as to preserve a small group of non-competitive firms so that lasting and productive relationships can take root.

From there, the organization has grown to include 28 law firms with more than 10,500 lawyers and offices in 48 countries. The organization's mission, however, remains unchanged. In fact, the small size and substantially non-competitive nature of the membership makes TechLaw a unique example of how collaborative programming and personal relationships can foster long-term value for the firms that actively participate.

Through regular, formal educational programs and exchanges, and by encouraging informal lawyer-to-lawyer networking, TechLaw provides its members with practical access to a broader range of legal knowledge and experience on technology issues than might otherwise be available to any individual firm.