Australia | Corrs Chambers Westgarth
TMT: The Australian Landscape 2019
Australia's New Decryption Legislation: What Does it Mean For You? - December 2018
The New Consumer Data Right - Issues and Opportunities - September 2018
New Country of Origin Amendments to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) - March 2017
Assignment of defect warranties: Is your drafting sufficient? - March 2017

A new focus on genetically modified organisms in Queensland: changes to gene technology laws aim for consistency and flexibility - March 2017
One bad apple can spoil the barrel: the importance of clearly defining intellectual property rights - February 2017
The Sansom Review: Streamlining the approval and advertising of therapeutic goods in Australia - December 2016
Drone Use in Australia: What are the Privacy and Copyright Issues?
Clearer skies for drone regulation in Australia
Registered Designs: What is the appropriate form of order for injunctive relief? - September 2016
My Start Up is Grown Up – Now what about the Humans? Ten things you need to know - August 2016
Experimental evidence in patent cases: Discovery not available for experiments on matters no longer in issue - August 2016
What are 'reasonable steps' to protect personal information? 5 key lessons from the privacy commissioner's determinations - July 2016
That Just Won’t Fly: Federal Court decision in Qantas v Edwards offers guidance on trade mark confusion - July 2016
Stricter laws for franchisors? Responses to the 7-Eleven wage scandal - June 2016
Big Brother is watching! Covert government and corporate regulator hacking in Australia - May 2016
The importance of franchise disclosure documents - lessons from ACCC v SensaSlim -  May 2016
Ensure your R&D activities are not criminal activities – May 2016
Metadata – It’s not about you after all – January 2016
Five key actions your business can take to manage data breach risk – December 2015
Mandatory data breach notification is coming to Australia - December 2015
A myriad of considerations: The High Court finds gene patent invalid – October 2015
High Court upholds finding that Crestor patent is invalid – September 2015
The power of architect plan copyright – August 2015
The Miles Review of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme – CRCs to stay, with a new, more targeted focus – May 2015
Extension of unfair contract terms protection to small businesses – Many franchise agreements likely to be caught – May 2015
From the Register to the dictionary: The treatment of generic trade marks in Australia – April 2015
Unfair contract terms regime expected to extend to franchise agreements from 1 July - March 2015
The right to exploit a patent is a “single indivisible right” – Full Federal Court confirms – March 2015THE NEW CONSUMER DATA RIGHT – ISSUES AND OPPORTUNITIES

Brazil | Pinheiro Neto Advogados
Administrative Court Rules in Favor of Companies on the Levy of ICMS on Internet Advertising Activities - April 2017
Examination of Chemical Patent Applications - March 2017
TMT Bulletin - October 2016
TMT Bulletin - September 2016
TMT Bulletin - June 2016
TMT Bulletin - May 2016
TMT Bulletin – April 2016
TMT Bulletin – March 2016
Intellectual Property Update – February 2016
TMT Bulletin – October 2015
Intellectual Property Update – June 2015
Intellectual Property Update – February 2015

Canada | Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Canada’s New Registry Requirements for Online Political Ads Take Effect June 2019 - April 2019
Under Cyberattack: How Can Canadian Directors Mitigate Liability? - April 2019
2019 Legal Trends: Cybersecurity - March 2019
Canada Overhauls Its Industrial Design System - November 2018
CRTC Issues Penalties to Middle Men Under CASL to Combat Malware Installation - July 2018
2018 Legal Trends: The Sharing Economy - June 2018
The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada: CRTC Reports On CanCon in the Digital World
Canada Looks to Foster Innovation, Business Growth with New IP Strategy - April 2018
Supreme Court of Canada Promises New Utility Test for Patents - July 2017
Car Ad Websites Slightly “Scraped” in Copyright Case, Court Puts Brakes on Statutory Damages Minimums - April 2017
Shining a Light on the Darknet: What Every Business Should Know - March 2017
CSA Reports on Cybersecurity Disclosure Review - January 2017
Blakes 2017 Canadian M&A Trends - December 2016
Professional Hockey Player Did Not Breach Morals Clause in Endorsement Contract, Ontario Court Rules - November 2016
Patenting in Canada: Do These Genes Fit? - October 2016
Big Data, Big Risk? Privacy and Security Tips for Fintech Companies - September 2016
Court of Appeal Rules Competition Act is not a Complete Code, Discoverability Principle Applies - August 2016
Competition Bureau Launches FinTech Market Study - May 2016
Quebec Publishes Draft Regulations Requiring the Presence of French on Outdoor Signs – May 2016
Your Guide to the 2016 Federal Budget – April 2016
Supreme Court Hearing May Resolve Critical Questions in Canadian Patent Law
2016 Federal Budget – Selected Tax Measures – March 2016
Maybe You Can Search This? SCC Grants Leave to Appeal From Global Restraining Order Against Google – March 2016
Ontario Court Finds Cellphone Tower “Metadata” is Private – January 2016
B.C. Government Announces Next Steps in #BCTECH Strategy to Bolster Technology Sector – January 2016
Federal Court Rules Internet Provider Should Not Recover Costs of Informing Clients of Motion for Customer Information – January 2016
Competition Tribunal Refuses Private Litigant in Refusal to Deal Case – January 2016
Canadian Court Nixes Class Action for Patent Abuse – December 2015
More Than a Pinky Promise: Recent Developments to the Promise Doctrine in Patent Law – November 2015
CSA Provides Guidance on Canadian “Robo-Advisers” – October 2015
“The Donald” Trumps Condo Buyers by Avoiding Trade-mark Licensor Liability – July 2015
Law on Post-Patent Royalties Differs Between Canada and the U.S. – July 2015
Digital Privacy Act Receives Royal Assent, but Breach Notification Provisions Lag Behind – June 2015
Still Can’t Search This: B.C. Court of Appeal Affirms Global Restraining Order Against Google – June 2015
Canadian Competition Bureau Releases New Draft IP Enforcement Guidelines for Comment – June 2015
C$1.1-Million Penalty Issued Under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law – March 2015
Bill C-13: Cyberbullying Bill Introduces New Lawful Access Measures – January 2015
Canada Counters Counterfeiting: Border Enforcement Provisions of CCPA Come into Force – January 2015
New PPH Pilot Agreement between CIPO and EPO – January 2015

Denmark | Plesner
The Unified Patent Court - opting out? - March 2017
Trade secrets - enforcement in connection with abuse getting easier - February 2017
New Danish Act on trade secrets on the way - January 2017
Professional use of personal name - Topbrands v Benedikte Utzon - December 2016
New trade secret rules will improve the possibility of damages - November 2016
Rosendahl acquires Lyngby Porcelæn - October 2016
Brexit: will the UK be able to participate in the Unified Patent Court (the "UPC") in the future? - September 2016
Tenants subletting pitches may be held liable for traders' sales of counterfeit goods - August 2016
Brexit: patents and protection certificates - July 2016
Brexit: Trademarks and designs - June 2016
The UK to leave the EU - Plesner advises on the consequences - June 2016
New EU rules on personal data finally adopted – April 2016
Personal data – EU-US Privacy Shield draws nearer – March 2016
Five important changes in the new EU trademark rules - February 2016
How to get a grip on cloud computing  - February 2016
Agreement on the Data Protection Regulation: get your house in order – December 2015
The legal position of consumers in respect of purchases from providers when the supplier goes bankrupt – November 2015

Use of IT in litigation and arbitration in Denmark – November 2015
IP/TMT Update – May 2015
IP/TMT Update – April 2015
IP/TMT Update – March 2015
IP/TMT Update – February 2015
IP/TMT Update – January 2015

France | Gide Loyrette Nouel
Turkey | Design regulation under new Industrial Property Law - April 2017
China issues new Cyber Security Law - March 2017
Turkey | Patent and utility model regulation under new Industrial Property Law - March 2017
Turkey | Industrial Property Law - January 2017
Turkey | Constitutional Court strikes down Article 14 of Trademark Decree-Law on non-use: consequences - January 2017
Regulation on processing personal health data and ensuring data privacy - November 2016
Consequences and legal implications of BREXIT - preliminary assessment - June 2016
Turkey establishes a law on the protection of personal data – May 2016
Draft regulation on personal data: The trialogue can finally begin – June 2015
Turkey | Constitutional Supreme Court weakens ‘singularity’ in Turkish trademark regulation – May 2015
Unchanged password: the liability of a maintenance services provider – May 2015

Germany | Taylor Wessing
Bill on the Management and Supervision of Legal Entities - January 2020
Jumping the Pond – The „Delaware Flip“ for German Tech Companies - December 2019
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - April 2017
Radar: Technology & Communications Update: March 2017
Radar: Technology & Communications Update: February 2017
Radar: Technology & Communications Update: January 2017
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - December 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - November 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - October 2016
European Commission launches digital single market copyright and communications reform proposals - September 2016
The EU-US Privacy Shield: getting your certification ready - August 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - July 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - June 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - May 2016

Düsseldorf Regional Court further sharpens its notion of the FRAND-obligations of SEP-proprietor and SEP-user – April 2016
Details of EU-US Privacy Shield published – March 2016
ICO guidance on Wi-Fi location analytics – March 2016
EU-US Privacy Shield announced to replace Safe Harbor – February 2016
ECHR rules on intermediary liability for UGC - February 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – January 2016
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – November 2015
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – September 2015
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – July 2015

Radar: Technology & Communications Update – June 2015
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – April 2015
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – March 2015
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – February 2015
Radar: Technology & Communications Update – January 2015

India | Trilegal
COVID-19: CBDT eases tax residency rules for FY 2019-20 for expatriates stranded in India due to lockdown restrictions - May 2020
COVID-19 Publications - April 2020
Brexit's Impact on Indian Investments in Europe - July 2016
Supreme Court Upholds Freedom of Speech on the Internet – March 2015

Ireland | Arthur Cox
Proposed changes to Irish copyright law – how the Arco lamp case shone a light on the protection of industrially produced artistic works - February 2017
Who’s Going to Drive You Home? The Advent of Self-Driving Cars in Ireland - October 2016
Recent changes to the PCI Digital Security Standard reflect learning from large scale hacking attempts - October 2016
Data Protection Update - New Legislation - May 2016
Ireland: Survey of Recent Developments in National Cyber Security Sphere – May 2016
Privacy Shield Update – March 2016
Cybercrime Legislative Developments in Ireland – March 2016
The new European Trade Mark Regulation: what you need to know – February 2016
European General Data Protection Regulation Agreed – Headline Changes – February 2016
Privacy Shield – Replacement to Safe Harbor Agreed – February 2016
The aftermath of a cyber-breach: do I have to hand over potentially damaging documents? – December 2015
Safe Harbor — is the EU guilty of double standards? – December 2015
Rolling the dice on the enforcement of foreign gambling debts – December 2015
Data Protection: Safe Harbour – What Next? – October 2015
Expert Comment, Rob Corbet – Data Protection Ireland, Volume 8 Issue 4 – August 2015
Government publishes National Cyber Security Strategy – What’s your strategy? – July 2015
US Court Rules Cyber-Security Expert Reports Privileged – June 2015
Two Internets of Things? – Expert Commentary by Rob Corbet, Data Protection Ireland – June 2015
US Court Rules Cyber-Security Expert Reports Privileged – June 2015
Cyber-Security & Minimising Litigation Risk – May 2015
Ireland as a Location for Your Intellectual Property Trading Company – April 2015
All Leaks, No Flood? Surveillance of Electronic Communications for Intelligence and National Security Purposes – April 2015
Ireland Expands its ‘Bolar’ Exemption – April 2015
Expert Comment by Rob Corbet, Data Protection Ireland – March 2015

Israel | Meitar
COVID-19: The Day After: Information and Healthcare Trends - April 2020
The OECD's Analysis of Tax Treaties and the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis - April 2020
Complying with the Google Play User Data Policy - March 2017
The Right to Inspect Audio Data, Video Recordings, and Other Electronically Maintained Information - March 2017
Maintaining Immunity from Liability for Copyright Violations by Your Users - February 2017
Spam Update: First amendment to Israeli Spam Law Goes Into Effect - November 2016
Multinational Companies Should Review Their Terms of Use in Light of Recent Court Ruling
The Antitrust Commissioner prohibits loyalty rebates and imposes sanctions against directors – December 2015
EU Court of Justice declares Data Transfers to the U.S via Safe Harbor Invalid – December 2015
A turning point in punishment standards for antitrust violations – August 2015

Italy | Tonucci & Partners
New rules on call center localized in non-EU countries introduced by the Italian Budget Law 2017: analysis of the new practical fulfillments - March 2017
Creative Commons: unlawful use for promotional purposes - October 2016
to protected content links: copyright violated if there is profit-making - October 2016
Google Earth can not be a landscape bond strengthened – April 2016
Privacy Shield and data transfer to the US – March 2016
The Court of Rome’s ruling no. 23771 as of December 3rd, 2015: the practical scenarios about the enforcement of the Right to be Forgotten – December 2015
Drawee of Civil Law – July 2015
The reform of article. 4 of the Statute of Worker – June 2015
Released the report of the Advisory Council on the right to be forgotten Google: operational guidelines - February 2015
The rules implementing the system of public fraud prevention to consumers through identity theft: the rules on digital identity in the Italian and the Regulations of the Ministry of Economy no. 95/2014 – January 2015

Japan | Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
Japan Legal Update - December 2016
Japan Legal Update - November 2016

Japan Legal Update - August 2016
The JFTC’s new evidence disclosure regime: a step forward for companies suspected of anti-competitive conduct?
NO&T Japan Legal Update – August 2015

Netherlands | Houthoff Buruma
The Dutch 'Stichting' | An effective and flexible tool in global structuring - April 2020
More diversity on large company boards - February 2020
Dutch Supreme Court issues landmark judgment in Urgenda - December 2019
Newsletter - October 2017
News Update Netherlands – EU New York edition - December 2016
News Update Netherlands – EU New York edition - October 2016
European Commission on the notion of state aid - July 2016
The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield officially adopted - July 2016
Proposal for the revision of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code – May 2016
EU Commission releases proposed text for EU-U.S. Privacy Shield to replace Safe Harbor Agreement – March 2016
New data breach notification act in effect from January 1, 2016  - December 2015
Safe Harbor mechanism for EEA/US data transfers invalid – October 2015

Singapore | Allen & Gledhill
PDPC issues response to public consultation on data portability and data innovation provisions - March 2020
FinTech initiatives announced at 2019 Singapore FinTech Festival and Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology
PDPC publishes new Data Protection Officer Competency Framework and Training Roadmap - July 2019
PDPC publishes new “Guide to Accountability under the Personal Data Protection Act”: Demonstrating accountability for personal data - July 2019
IMDA and PDPC launch Trusted Data Sharing Framework for trusted data sharing between organisations - July 2019
PDPC updates Guide to Managing Data Breaches 2.0 and issues new Guide on Active Enforcement - June 2019
PDPC consults on proposed introduction of data portability and data innovation provisions - June 2019
Data portability requirement in Singapore: Competition, antitrust and consumer protection considerations - March 2019
Singapore intends to introduce data portability requirement, discussion paper published - March 2019
Stricter rules on collection, use or disclosure of NRIC numbers from 1 September 2019 - February 2019
IMDA consults on Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Guide - February 2019
Cybersecurity Act 2018 operative from 31 August 2018 to protect critical information infrastructure against cybersecurity threats - September 2018
IMDA announces three initiatives relating to Al governance and ethnics - June 2018
PDPC releases new Guide for Printing Processes for Organisations and revises Advisory Guidelines on In-vehicle Recordings by Transport Services for Hire (May 2018)
PDPC consults on (1) Merger of DNC Provisions under Personal Data Protection Act and Spam Control Act, and (2) introduction of Enhanced Practical Guidance framework and (3) consent exceptions (May 2018)

MAS and financial industry to develop guidance on responsible use of data analytics (April 2018)
PDPC releases new Guide to Basic Data Anonymisation techniques (February 2018)
PDPC responds to feedback received on proposals relating to (1) collection, use or disclosure of personal data where consent not practical or desirable, and (2) mandatory data breach notification (February 2018)

Parliament passes Cybersecurity Bill: Protecting critical information infrastructure against cybersecurity threats - February 2018

Parliament introduces Cybersecurity Bill to protect critical information infrastructure against cybersecurity threats - January 2018
PDPC consults on revised advisory guidelines relating to NRIC numbers - November 2017
PDPC releases Guide to Developing a Data Protection Management Programme and Guide to Data Protection Impact Assessments - November 2017
Application of European Union General Data Protection Regulation to Singapore organisations from 25 May 2018 - October 2017
PDPC conducts public consultation to enable collection, use or disclosure of personal data where consent is not practical or desirable, and introduce mandatory data breach notification regime - August 2017
MCI and CSA consult on proposed Cybersecurity Bill - July 2017
Parliament passes Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity (Amendment) Bill: Tackling increasing scale and transnational nature of cybercrime and evolving tactics of cybercriminals - April 2017
PDPC revises Anonymisation guidelines and updates healthcare sector guidelines - April 2017
PDPC publishes new “Guide to Preventing Accidental Disclosure When Processing and Sending Personal Data” - February 2017
Singapore High Court grants summary judgment for infringing goods bought off defendant's website - December 2016
IPOS seeks feedback on proposed designs-related legislative amendments - November 2016
IPOS seeks feedback on proposed changes to Singapore's patents legislation: Broadening the grace period for patent applications - November 2016
IPOS and MinLaw jointly consult on proposed changes to Singapore's Copyright regime
Trade Marks Act amended to allow appeals against interlocutory decisions issued by the Registrar of Trade Marks - August 2016
Singapore Court of Appeal considers scope of own name defence under the Trade Marks Act - August 2016
IPOS postpones date for closure of foreign route to 1 January 2020 - August 2016
Singapore Court of Appeal explains operation of doctrine of instruments of deception and elements of passing off - August 2016
Surviving Brexit: What we should be asking about IP protection in the UK and EU, following the recent referendum - July 2016
PDPC revises advisory guidelines and announces new/updated guides and initiatives - July 2016
MAS proposes “regulatory sandbox” to encourage FinTech experimentations - June 2016
PDPC issues new guide and amends advisory guidelines to help organisations manage requests for access to personal data - June 2016

Legal Bulletin – April 2016
Legal Bulletin – March 2016
Legal Bulletin – February 2016
Legal Bulletin – January 2016
Legal Bulletin – December 2015
Legal Bulletin – November 2015
Legal Bulletin – October 2015
Legal Bulletin – September 2015
ABS seeks feedback on “Code of Banking Practices – The Personal Data Protection Act” – August 2015
Personal Data Protection Commission issues new advisory guidelines and helpful guides: Obtaining consent, protecting electronic personal data and managing data breaches - June 2015
Singapore High Court considers scope of own name defence in Trade Marks Act – May 2015

South Korea | Yulchon
Newsletter - Spring 2020
Force Majeure and Exemption of Liability in Connection with the COVID-19 Outbreak from the Korean Law Perspective - March 2020
Newsletter - Winter 2019
Newsletter - Autumn 2019
Legalizing Mobility Platforms in Korea: The Struggle to Evolve the Legal System - August 2019
Newsletter - Summer 2019
Newsletter - Spring 2019
Amendments to the Network Act Coming into Effect in 2019 - January 2019
Newsletter - Winter 2018
Newsletter - Spring 2017
KCC Announced “Guidelines on Protection of Personal Information for Customized Online Ads” - February 2017
Newsletter - Winter 2016
Newsletter - Autumn 2016
The New Anti-corruption Act To Remain Intact - July 2016
Newsletter - Summer 2016
Korean Government Releases Guidelines for De-Identification of Personal Information - July 2016
Newsletter – Spring 2016
The “Special Act on Revitalizing Companies” (the so-called “One-Shot Act”), aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of industries and vitality of companies, to take effect in August 2016 – February 2016
Newsletter – Winter 2015
Newsletter – Autumn 2015
Newsletter – Summer 2015
Newsletter – Spring 2015

Spain | Gómez-Acebo & Pombo
Is the registration of a license still needed to license an infringement of an industrial property right? - April 2017
Trade fairs and industrial and intellectual property rights: precautionary measures and preventive writings - March 2017
Repackaging of medicines by the parallel importer: when is an exception to the exhaustion of the trademark right? - December 2016

The use of another's trademark in advertising generic and hybrid medicines in - December 2016
Direct infringement and indirect infringement of patents for second or subsequent claims medical indication "Swiss-type" - November 2016
Publication of the cyber security directive: requirements for operators of critical infrastructures and essential services - October 2016
Payment by the infringer of intellectual and industrial rights of attorneys' fees and other expenses arising from legal proceedings property: a system of lump sum rates can be established? - October 2016
The appearance of celebrities in advertising products and health centers (the thread of advertising services dental implantology) - October 2016
Infringement of intellectual property by linking to a website which includes a protected work of others - September 2016
The contractual obligation to pay a fee for the use of a technology after being declared the patent that protected void is not a cartel - August 2016
Publication of the Trade Secrets Directive - June 2016
New data protection rules: main highlights - June 2016
Posted Directive on the protection of business secrets (industrial and commercial) - June 2016
The Court of Justice of the European Union holds That Spain's scheme for fair compensation for private copying is inconsistent With EU law - June 2016
The new data protection rules, where to go ?: Decalogue of the main aspects to consider – May 2016
The reform of European trademark law (II): changes in regulation of the brand of the European Union – April 2016
The new Patent Law (VI): the utility model – March 2016
The reform of the European trademark law (I): main innovations introduced by the Directive (EU) 2015/2436 – February 2016
The new Patent Law (V): the patent as an object of property rights – February 2016
The new Patent Law (IV): the contents of the patent right – December 2015
The new Patent Law (III): granting procedure – November 2015
The five things that are important to know in terms of informed patient consent – November 2015
The use of the final product brand in auto parts made by a third – November 2015
The new Patent Law (II): requirements for patentability and patent right – November 2015
The CJEU Quashes the Commission’s ‘Safe Harbour Decision’ – September 2015
The new Patent Law (I): preliminary provisions. Patentable inventions – September 2015
Misleading advertising and comparative advertising of drugs in the light of the code of conduct self-advertising – September 2015
Inventive as a requirement for patentability – June 2015
The Court of Justice of the European Union dismisses Spain against the regulations of the European patent with unitary effect – May 2015
Supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products and combination of active ingredients: the ECJ ruling in the case against Boehringer Actavis – May 2015
The calculation of the hypothetical royalty in cases of infringement of a pharmaceutical patent – April 2015
Chemical-pharmaceutical patents reserve force being applied CPE: obsolete jurisprudence of the Supreme Court? – February 2015

Sweden | Delphi
The Perils of Having Success in Getting a Preliminary Injunction in a Trademark Infringement Case – Time to Receive the Wake-Up Call - July 2016
Now easier to defend your intellectual property rights – April 2016
The time has come to be compliant! – September 2015
Counterfeiting is increasing – how can you defend yourself? - June 2015
The Swedish Data Protection Act in light of the new Data Protection Regulation – December 2014

Switzerland | Walder Wyss
The new EU-Trade Secret Directive and Switzerland – are we similar? - August 2016
Data Transfers from Switzerland to the US post-Safe Harbor – November 2015
The Role of IP in Servitized Technology – April 2015

Taiwan | Lee and Li
China Updates - April 2019
China Updates - July 2018
China Updates - March 2018
China Updates - February 2018
Taiwan Amendment and China Draft to Introduce the Patent Linkage - January 2018
China Updates - December 2017
China Updates - November 2017
China Updates - October 2017
Taiwan Updates - December 2016
Taiwan Updates - November 2016
Taiwan Updates - October 2016

Taiwan Updates - September 2016
Taiwan Updates - August 2016
Taiwan Updates - July 2016
Taiwan Updates - June 2016
Taiwan Updates - May 2016
Taiwan Updates - April 2016
Taiwan Updates - March 2016
Taiwan Updates - February 2016
Taiwan Updates - January 2016
Taiwan Updates - December 2015
Taiwan Updates - November 2015

United States | Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Intellectual Property Law Alert - Timing is Everything: U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Patent Act Does Not Provide Laches Remedy for Limiting Damages - March 2017
Intellectual Property Law Alert - Federal Circuit and USPTO Continue to Clarify Framework for Determining Patent Eligible Subject Matter - November 2016
Data Security and Privacy Law Alert - EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Deadlines Approaching - September 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert - Federal Circuit Provides Guidance on When Outsourcing Manufacturing Constitutes a Patent-Invalidating Sale - July 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert - Heading for the Brexit: Will UK’s IP Brexit Too? - June 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert - USPTO Continues to Have Broad Powers to Invalidate Patent Claims - June 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert - PTAB’s First Post-Grant Review Decisions Invalidate Livestock Patents Under Alice - June 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert - Supreme Court Changes Standard to Obtain Enhanced Damages for Patent Infringement - June 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – USPTO Updates Section 101 Guidance – Again – May 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Congress Passes Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 – April 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – EU Updates the Community Trade Mark System, Warns of Potential Imposters – April 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Federal Circuit Denies Writ to Order the USPTO to Publish a Trademark Deemed Disparaging – April 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – PTAB Trial Practice Evolves, Again – April 2016
Data Security and Privacy and Compliance Alert – EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Set to Replace Safe Harbor: Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters Ahead? – March 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Federal Circuit Holds Foreign Sales Alone Do Not Authorize Use in U.S. – February 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Supreme Court to Review PTAB’s Claim Construction Standard and Whether the Board’s Decisions to Institute IPR Proceedings are Judicially Unreviewable – January 2016
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Judge Orders Attorneys’ Fees to be Paid in eDekka v., Inc., Case – December 2015

Data Security and Privacy and eDiscovery, Data & Document Management Law Alert – European Court of Justice Invalidates U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Agreement – October 2015
Intellectual Property Alert – Federal Circuit Confirms Laches Remains a Viable Defense in Patent Cases
Intellectual Property Law Alert – USPTO Provides Meaningful Direction on Patentable Subject Matter Eligibility – July 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Supreme Court Affirms Ban on Patent Royalties After Patent Expiration – June 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Future of Means-Plus-Function Claim Interpretation Now Less Clear – June 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Federal Circuit Invalidates Sequenom’s Fetal DNA Prenatal Diagnosis Patent as Not Patent Eligible – June 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Unprecedented Move: Vox Populi Extends Sunrise Deadline for “.sucks” Domain Registration – June 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – High Court Rules That Good Faith Belief Of Invalidity Is Not Defense To Induced Infringement – May 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Ninth Circuit Rules Against Takedown of Anti-Islam Video on Copyright Grounds – May 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Akamai v. Limelight: Federal Circuit Maintains “Single Entity” Status Quo – May 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Supreme Court Holds that Courts Should Give Issue Preclusive Effect to Trademark Trial Appeal Board Decisions – March 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Design Patent Changes to Come with Ratification of the Geneva Act – March 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Federal Circuit Affirms PTAB on All Issues in First Appeal of Inter Partes Review Under the America Invents Act – February 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Supreme Court Affirms Ninth Circuit Decision: Trademark Tacking is a Question for the Jury – January 2015
Intellectual Property Law Alert – Supreme Court Alters the Standard of Review For Patent Claim Construction – January 2015

United States | Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Time to Re-examine Corporate Computer Access Policies - April 2020
The Coming Wave of California Consumer Privacy Act Lawsuits - February 2020
AIN’T NO QSA 4 CCPA - February 2020
Developments from California: AG Estimates Costs of CCPA Compliance as CCPA Authors Contemplate Round II - December 2019
California Attorney General Issues Draft Regulations for CCPA - October 2019
CCPA Requires “Reasonable Security”: but You Can’t have Reasonable Security Without Proper Vulnerability Management - September 2019
New York Expands Data Privacy Protections - July 2019
Potentially Expanded Private Right of Action Increases Risk of Class Action Exposure Under the California Consumer Privacy Act - May 2019
New USPTO Guidance to Improve Predictability and Consistency in Subject Matter Eligibility Determinations - January 2019
Latest Development Regarding Extraterritorial Application of The GDPR - November 2018
Brexit: The UK Government Issues Guidelines on the Future of Intellectual Property Laws in the Event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit - October 2018
What Can We Make of the New Revised Draft of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Market? - September 2018
CalCPA Evolves – US Chamber Supports Federal Standard - September 2018
Claimed Failure to Disclose GDPR’s Collateral Impact Leads to Class Action Against Nielsen Holdings - August 2018
The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 — Increased Consumer Privacy Protections and Significant Business Compliance Burdens - July 2018
California Unanimously Enacts Comprehensive Digital Privacy Law - June 2018
FTC’s Data Security Authority Curbed by 11th Circuit - June 2018
New Patent Office Guidance Released on Subject Matter Eligibility - April 2018
Federal Circuit Finds Personalized Medicine Invention Subject Matter Eligible - April 2018
Supreme Court Bolsters Patent Exhaustion Doctrine, Patent Laws Cannot Be Used Against Resellers - May 2017
Public Sales Remain Prior Art After AIA Even Without Disclosing Invention - May 2017
Sis Boom Bah – Supreme Court Extends Copyright Protection to Cheerleading Uniform Designs - March 2017
Proposal for new European ePrivacy Regulation - February 2017
New Federal Law Protects Consumers’ Right to Post Negative Online Reviews - February 2017
German Copyright Law Sets Limitations on Exclusive Licenses - January 2017
EU court strikes down security legislation over privacy concerns - January 2017
A Diamond is Forever. What About Your Advertising Claim? - November 2016
Improvements to technology used in your business are eligible for patenting—it’s not your business - November 2016
Federal Circuit finds software patent for 3D animation technique patent eligible - September 2016
Mobile apps face new controls in China - August 2016
Second Circuit Eases Tension Between U.S. Discovery Requirements and EU Privacy Laws - July 2016
A Close to Open Internet Challenges? - June 2016
The Renewed Standard for Awarding Enhanced Patent Damages - June 2016
Federal Circuit Holds District Court Abstractness Analysis Too Abstract for Alice under 35 USC § 101 - May 2016
U.S. Patent Office Releases Further Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility – May 2016
Is Evidence of Confusion Really Necessary to Succeed in a Trademark Infringement Case? – April 2016
Dawning of New Era in Trade Secrets Litigation – April 2016
US Companies Face Increasing Privacy Challenges in Europe – April 2016
Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Accounts Act Adopted by Four States – March 2016
EU-US Data Transfer Privacy Shield: Political Agreement Achieved Regarding “Safe Harbor 2.0” – February 2016
Permanent Court of Arbitration Tribunal declines jurisdiction to hear Philip Morris’ challenge to Australia’s plain packaging laws on cigarettes – December 2015
Inter Partes Reviews Are Changing the World of Patent Disputes – November 2015
Supreme Court Will Decide Whether to Relax the Standard for Award of Enhanced Patent Damages – September 2015
efaxers Beware! FCC Finds efaxes Subject to Consumer Protections of TCPA and JFPA – September 2015
USPTO Issues Second Round of Proposed Changes to the Rules of Practice Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board – August 2015
Federal Circuit Confirms The Use Of Broadest Reasonable Interpretation In Inter Partes Review – July 2015
U.S. Business Interests and the 2015 Iran Nuclear Settlement: A Critical First Appraisal – July 2015
PTAB is Revising the AIA rules – April 2015

Important Things for Telecommunications Providers Filing the 2015 FCC Form 499-A – March 2015
FCC Shifts Net Neutrality into High Gear – March 2015
New Tools for Companies Against Cybercrime – March 2015
FCC Chairman Wheeler Proposal for Net Neutrality Regulations – February 2015
When Scientific Research Becomes False Advertising – January 2015
Proposed Federal Breach Notification Law: Panacea or Flash in the Pan? – January 2015

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Intellectual Property Bulletin - Spring 2020
SEC and Delaware Provide Clarity on Proxies and Related Notice Issues for Stockholder Meetings - April 2020
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SCOTUS Upholds IPRs as Constitutional, May Leave Opening for Challenges to Certain IPRs - April 2018
An Untraceable Currency? Bitcoin Privacy Concerns - April 2018
Federal Circuit Rehearing Denial Gives Clues to Post-AIA On-Sale Bar - April 2018
5 Takeaways from the FTC’s First COPPA Settlement Over Internet-Connected Toys - January 2018
Ninth Circuit Makes it Easier to Sue for Video Privacy Protection Act Violations But Harder to Win - December 2017
Intellectual Property Bulletin - Summer 2017
Second Circuit Holds Consumers Cannot Revoke Consent Given as Consideration in Bilateral Contract in TCPA Case - June 2017
Litigation Alert: Ninth Circuit Rules on Copyright Preemption of Right-of-Publicity Claims - April 2017
Litigation Alert: Supreme Court Clarifies Copyright Eligibility for Useful Articles - March 2017
Litigation Alert: The Supreme Court Reverses Federal Circuit Ruling on Extraterritorial Patent Infringement - February 2017
Technology and Life Sciences IPO Survey — 2016, Full Year
Litigation Alert: Pennsylvania Court Holds Google Must Produce Emails Stored Overseas - February 2017
Intellectual Property Bulletin - Winter 2017
Privacy Alert: NIST Updates Cybersecurity Framework to Address Supply Chain Security - January 2017
Litigation Alert: In Louis Vuitton Trademark Suit, Second Circuit Says Parody Prevails Even if Brand Owner Doesn’t “Get” the Joke - December 2016
Litigation Alert: A Unanimous Supreme Court Reverses Federal Circuit Ruling on Damages in Samsung Electronics Co. v. Apple Inc. - December 2016
Litigation Alert: The FCC Enforcement Bureau Advises That Text Message Senders Must Comply With the Telephone Consumer Protection Act - November 2016
Copyright Alert: Copyright Office’s New Electronic System for Designating Agents under the DMCA - November 2016

Intellectual Property Bulletin - Fall 2016
Litigation Alert: The Fifth Circuit Limits Coverage under the Computer Fraud Provision of Insurance Policies - October 2016
Fenwick Privacy Bulletin – Fall 2016

Copyright Alert: The European Union Exposes Websites to Copyright Liability for Linking to Infringing Material of Third Parties - September 2016

Litigation Alert: The Federal Circuit Forms a Trio of Patent Eligible Subject Matter for Software Methods, Reversing Finding of Invalidity for Three-Dimensional Computer Animation Patent - September 2016

Litigation Alert: The Sixth Circuit Recognizes Article III Standing in Data Breach Case Despite Absence of Identity Theft Allegations - September 2016
Litigation Alert: The Eighth Circuit Applies Spokeo to Reject Standing for Technical Violation of Privacy Statute - September 2016
Litigation Alert: The Ninth Circuit Limits Immunity From Negligent Failure To Warn Cases Under The Communications Decency Act - September 2016

Litigation Alert: The Ninth Circuit Leaves Pirate Joe’s Saying “Shiver Me Timbers!” - August 2016

Litigation Alert:The Eighth Circuit Expands Standing to Sue for Violations of Privacy Policies for Paid Services - August 2016

Litigation Alert: The Sixth Circuit Expands Potential Federal Wiretap Act Liability for Developers and Sellers of Cloud-Based Monitoring Software

Intellectual Property Bulletin - Summer 2016

FTC Holds That Disclosure of Sensitive Medical Information Due to Lax Security Violates the FTC Act - August 2016

The Ninth Circuit Holds That Accessing a Website After Receiving a Cease & Desist Letter Is a Violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act - July 2016
The Second Circuit Limits The Government’s Ability To Access Data Stored Overseas - July 2016
Privacy Shield—A Shield worth having? - July 2016
No Exception to Statutory Requirement that a Biosimilar Applicant Provide Notice of Intent to Market its Product - July 2016
The Ninth Circuit Addresses the Scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act - July 2016
Brexit – What Silicon Valley Needs to Know - July 2016
Supreme Court Leaves Intact PTAB Authority to Institute and Regulate Inter Partes Review Proceedings - June 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Attorney’s Fee Awards in Copyright Cases - June 2016
Supreme Court Expands Discretion to Award Enhanced Damages for Patent Infringement and Eliminates the Federal Circuit’s “Seagate Test” - June 2016
Intellectual Property Bulletin - Spring 2016
Litigation Alert: Congress Overwhelmingly Approves the “Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016” Paving the Way for Federal Jurisdiction over Trade Secret Misappropriation – April 2016
Litigation Alert: Congress Overwhelmingly Approves the “Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016” Paving the Way for Federal Jurisdiction over Trade Secret Misappropriation – April 2016
Article 29 Working Party Criticizes Privacy Shield – April 2016
Privacy Alert: The Privacy Shield, As It Stands Today – March 2016
Intellectual Property Bulletin – Winter 2016
Litigation Alert: 8th Circuit Clarifies Reach of Copyright Act in Preempting Right of Publicity Claims – March 2016
Litigation Alert: From a Safe Harbor to a Privacy Shield – February 2016
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ESI & eDiscovery FRCP Changes @ 12/1/15 — While You Were Leftover-Eating – December 2015
Litigation Alert: Federal Circuit’s Ariosa Decision, Good Chance for Rehearing En Banc – November 2015
Litigation Alert: The CJEU’s Decision on Safe Harbor and its Effects on US Technology Companies – October 2015
Litigation Alert: Lenz v. Universal Music Group – Baby Keeps on Dancin’ – September 2015
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Litigation Alert: Third Circuit Permits Federal Trade Commission to Bring Unfair Practice Claim Based on Cybersecurity Practices – August 2015

Litigation Alert: Federal Circuit Expands Liability for Divided Patent Infringement – August 2015
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Litigation Alert: Even Spider-Man Can’t Defeat Ban on Post-Patent Expiration Royalties – June 2015
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The Supreme Court Declines to Revamp Preclusion Law in Lucky v. Marcel Trademark Dispute - May 2020
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Three Takeaways from Supreme Court Ruling that Trademark Infringer’s Profits May Be Awarded Without a Showing of ‘Willful’ Infringement - April 2020
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The Intellectual Property Law: 2019 Year In Review
Rule Change Requires U.S. Legal Representation for Foreign Companies Seeking U.S. Federal Trademark Protection or Relief - August 2019
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Post-Prosecution Pilot Program (P3) – Life “After Final” - July 2016
Lessons Learned on Insuring Cyber Risk from P.F. Chang’s and State Bank of Bellingham: What to Look for in Placing Dedicated Network Security/Privacy Liability Insurance - July 2016
What Brexit May Mean for Your IP Rights in Europe - June 2016
Supreme Court Provides Guidance to District Courts in Determining Attorneys Fees in Copyright Cases - June 2016
Google Beats Oracle’s $8.8 Billion Damages Claim after Jury Finds Fair Use - May 2016
The Supreme Court Will Review the Copyrightability of Apparel in Dispute Over Cheerleading Uniforms – May 2016
The Federal Circuit Declines to Change Patent Litigation Venue Rules – May 2016
Intellectual Property Law Newsletter – April 2016

CFPB Brings First Enforcement Action for False and Misleading Statements on Data Security – March 2016
EU and U.S. Finally Reach Deal on New Data Transfer Framework – February 2016
Federal Circuit Rules Disparagement Clause of §2(a) of the Lanham Act Unconstitutional – January 2016
EU High Court Strikes Down Safe Harbor Framework Governing Transfer of Personal Data from the EU to the US – October 2015
Cybersecurity Initiatives Intensify at the SEC: Enforcement Action against Investment Adviser and a Second Round of Cybersecurity Exams – September 2015
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Seventh Circuit Gives New Life to Consumer Data Breach Class Action – July 2015
U.S. Federal Courts Now Must Be Bound by TTAB Decisions to a Greater Extent – March 2015
The IP Beacon, March 2015
Fifth Circuit Finds Insurance Coverage for Copyright Infringement under CGL Policies - March 2015
New Executive Order Promotes Cybersecurity Information Sharing in Private Sector - February 2015
SEC and FINRA Release Findings from Cybersecurity Examinations at Brokerage and Advisory Firms - February 2015

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California Consumer Privacy Act Catalyst Alastair Mactaggart Prepares New Ballot Initiative in Response to the California Legislature’s Finalized Amendments - October 2019
The Consumer Welfare Standard on Shaky Ground? - May 2019
The Supreme Court Raises Questions About Private Rights of Action to Challenge Tender Offers Under Exchange Act § 14(e) - April 2019
Trade Secret Update: Key Developments and Issues to Watch in Trade Secret Law - December 2018
What Are the Limits of the GDPR? European Data Protection Board Issues New Guidance on Territorial Scope of the GDPR - December 2018
PTAB Grants Motion for Judgment of No Interference-In-Fact Based on a Finding That There Was No Reasonable Expectation of Success that CRISPR-Cas9 Could Be Used in Eukaryotic Cells - January 2017
Federal Communications Commission Adopts Order Imposing New Privacy Rules on ISPs, Communications, Internet & Technology - November 2016
Client Alert: HHS Issues HIPAA Guidance Related to Cloud Services - October 2016
Federal Communications Commission Unanimously Streamlines Foreign Ownership Requirements for Broadcasters and Common Carriers, Communications, Internet & Technology - October 2016
Industry-Led Strike Force Convenes to Address Robocall “Scourge” - August 2016
In a Split Decision, D.C. Circuit Delivers Complete Victory to FCC on Open Internet Rules, Broadband Reclassification - June 2016
Beware the Persistent Identifier – April 2016
Transatlantic Agreement Translated: Language of U.S. – EU Privacy Shield Released – February 2016
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Amdocs v. Openet: Federal Circuit Finds Network Patents Eligible Under § 101 - November 2016
USPTO Provides Guidance to Examiners on Recent Federal Circuit Decisions Relating to Patent Eligibility of Software Claims - November 2016
EPO Begins Enforcing Dual-Party Execution of Assignments - November 2016
Federal Circuit Clarifies Pleading Requirements for Joint Infringement - October 2016
TTAB Rules Changes Confirmed – Effective January 14, 2017 - October 2016
Ice Cream and Talking Pictures: Brandeis on Patents - October 2016
Common Sense Is Not So Common-ly Obvious - September 2016
Time is Now to Assess E.U. TM Registration Goods Wording in Advance of September Deadline - August 2016
USPTO Offers a Fast Track to Cancer Immunotherapy Patents - August 2016
New USPTO P3 Program for After Final Office Actions Is Useful Hybrid of Pre-Appeal and AFCP Programs - August 2016
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CardiAQ’s Inventorship Challenge Survives - July 2016
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When Are Method/Device Hybrid Claims Indefinite? – March 2016

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Actual Notice Requirement Presents Challenge for Collecting Pre-Issuance Damages – February 2016
II Ca-Be-lly or Not II Ca-Be-lly: Is The Famous Cabilly II Antibody Patent Near Extinction? – February 2016
Federal Circuit Maintains Patent Exhaustion Precedent, Distinguishes Supreme Court Rulings – February 2016
Federal Circuit Affirms High Standard to Find Patentee Disclaimer – February 2016
City Fitness Attempts to Exercise Service Mark Rights – February 2016
Northern District of California Moves Quickly in Response to Rules Change to Apply Full Weight of Twombly and Iqbal to Patent Cases – January 2016
Recognicorp v. Nintendo: Invalidating software claims under 35 U.S.C. § 101 – January 2016
Emerging Cybersecurity Company’s Distress Offers Important Lessons for Licensees and Lenders – January 2016
Federal Circuit: Lanham Act “Disparaging” Mark Prohibition Unconstitutional – January 2016
SightSound v. Apple: When is a Patent a CBM Patent? – December 2015
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The Federal Circuit Declines to Rehear En Banc Cell-Free Fetal DNA Appeal – December 2015
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Supreme Court to Consider Willfulness in View of Octane Decision – October 2015
Yoga Pose Series Not Copyrightable According to the Ninth Circuit – October 2015
Method Claims of a Medical Device-Based Patent Found Invalid under Section 101 in Further Erosion of Patent Rights – October 2015
ITC Can Halt Importation of Goods Even If Infringement Only Occurs after Goods Are within U.S. Borders – September 2015
USPTO Now Allows Applicants to Modernize Their Descriptions of Goods and Services for Registered Trademarks – September 2015
Highest MA State Court to Decide Conflict of Interest Case about Representing Competitors in Patent Prosecution – September 2015
“Initial Interest Confusion” Trademark Doctrine Still Has Legs in Ninth Circuit – August 2015
USPTO Releases New Proposed Rules Governing Patent Review Proceedings – August 2015
Latest in the § 101 Saga: Sequenom Requests En Banc Rehearing, Indicating Biomedical Research Will Be Stymied Otherwise – August 2015
Federal Circuit Revisits the Question of “What Is Analogous Art?” – August 2015
Google Patent Starter Program Said to Deter Trolls – But Does It? – August 2015
Is It a Matter of Time: Does the Time Stamp for Competing Filings Uploaded on the Same Day at the TTAB Matter? – August 2015
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Changes to Patent Data Now Easier to Make in View of Enhancements to Private PAIR – July 2015
Lanham Act Disparaging Mark Registration Refusal Standards Await Constitutional Review – July 2015
USPTO Introduces New Program to Expedite Patent Appeals, but at the Expense of Withdrawing another Appeal – June 2015
Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises, Inc. – A Reminder to Think Carefully and Broadly when Drafting Patent Licenses – July 2015
Federal Circuit Finds Sequenom’s Diagnostics Patent Claims Patent Ineligible Subject Matter Under Mayo – June 2015
We Are Pro-Patent, Not Pro-Troll: Supreme Court Rejects Belief of Invalidity as Defense to Induced Infringement – May 2015
IP Bulletin – May 2015
IP Litigator publishes “Supreme Court Decision in Patent Case May Make it Easier to Obtain Attorney Fees in Trademark and Trade Dress Cases” by Jim Hall – April 2015
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